Make your system work for your needs

Accessories from PolyDock Products are easy to install on your new or existing PolyDock floating dock system or ShorePort jet ski port, and they’re easy to enjoy too. Accessories will help you make the most of your time on the water. Choose accessories that help you relax, like dock furniture and fishing rod holders, or choose accessories that keep you closer to your next adventure like the Paddle Sports Storage Rack, or the Canoe / Kayak Launch.

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Some accessories, and accessory connectors, available for purchase online through The Shore Shack. Visit today to accessorize your dock system and maximize your Summer.

Kayak/Canoe Launch

PolyDock Kayak Launch System

The kayak / canoe launch from PolyDock Products allows you to safely and easily dry launch your kayak or canoe. Gaurd rails make it easy to enter and exit the launch and the kayak / canoe launch’s three rollers make the transition between the and the kayak launch super smooth.

Parallel Kayak \ Canoe Launch Kit  P/N – 1020234 *Requires the purchase of Shoreport, Side Front Connector, and at least one section of PolyDock.

Stand Alone Canoe / Kayak Launch P/N – 1027446

Dock Furniture

Create the best seat on the dock and take in the fresh air and waterfront views in comfort and style with PolyDock Products Dock Furniture. Sold as a complete set that includes two chairs, one table and one umbrella. Dock Furniture is designed to fit the PolyDock Floating dock system using PolyDock’s 6″ Accessory connectors for quick and easy installation.

Requires 6″ Accessory Connection Plate – P/N 1006608

Lakeview Bench

The Lakeview bench is a great addition to your PolyDock system. Featuring an aluminum frame, and an ergonomic, rotationally molded seat and backrest for comfort. Optional armrests with cupholders are available for additional convenience.
Requires Bench Connection Plates – P/N 1006609

Dock Ladders

Add an aluminum dock ladder to your PolyDock to quickly and easily transition from dock to water, or from the water to the dock. Available in either 3-step, 4-step, or 5-step models, and all dock ladders can be pivoted out of the water when not in use.
Requires Poly Ladder Connector – P/N 1006674

Vertical Bumpers

Vertical bumpers protect your boat from bumping the side of the dock and are typically positioned in the location where you plan to moor your boat for storage or boarding. Available colors include: Blue, White, Tan, and Black.

Requires 6″ Accessory Connection Plate – P/N 1006608


An aluminum ramp provides an easy transition between your PolyDock and your shoreline. Available sizes include 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 8′, and 6′ x 8′. Choose either cedar or titan decking for all 4′ wide ramps. Cedar decking is the only option available for 6′ wide ramps. A ramp to PolyDock Connector is required for proper installation.

Requires PolyDock Ramp Connector –

4′ P/N 1006610

6′ P/N 1006611


Gangways provide a heavy-duty transition between your shoreline and your PolyDock system. Gangways are constructed of an aluminum frame with integrated handrails. Decking options include either cedar or titan. A gangway to PolyDock hinge is available for easy installation. Gangways are available in 4′ widths with lengths of 16′, 20′, or 24′.

Requires Gangway To PolyDock Hinge – P/N 1006696, or

Gangway Bolt On Roller Kit – P/N 1006581


Aluminum handrails from PolyDock Products are a great choice if your dock system requires handrails for ADA compliance, or if you simply want to add the additional convenience of handrails to your PolyDock system. Available in 4′, 6′, 8′, and 10′ lengths. Handrails require 6″ Accessory Connection Plates for proper installation.

Requires 6″ Accessory Connection Plates – P/N 1006608
(2) each required for 4′, 6′, 8′. (3) each required for 10′

Paddle Sport Rack

Enjoy paddle sports? Add the Paddle Sports Rack to your PolyDock floating dock system to easily store your canoe, kayak or SUP on the dock so it will be ready for the water when you are. The Paddle Sports Rack is constructed of aluminum and keeps your canoe or kayak up and off of the dock to maximize your dock space.

Requires (2) 6″ Accessory Connection Plates – P/N 1006608

Fishing Rod Holder

Who would have thought that such a simple idea could be so convenient? The fishing rod holder attaches to the side of your PolyDock and holds your fishing rod for you while you enjoy your favorite book, refresh with your favorite beverage, or help the little ones untangle knots of their own fishing lines.

Requires 6″ Accessory Connection Plate – P/N 1006608

Flag / Flag Poles

Show your American pride with a 20′ anodized telescoping flag pole that includes a 3′ x 5′ American flag. Designed to be attractive, yet durable enough to withstand the elements. A flag is a great way to finish off an otherwise perfect dock system at your home, cabin, or cottage on the lake. Requires a flag pole holder for proper installation.

Requires Flag Pole Holder – P/N 1006666

Flag Pole Holder

The flag pole holder secures your flag and flag pole to the side of your PolyDock floating dock system. Installation is quick and easy with the 6″ Accessory Connection Plate (not included), and installing your flag pole into the holder is simple; just insert the flag pole into the holder and tighten the set screws.

Requires 6″ Accessory Connection Plate – P/N 1006608

Float / Cradle

A float and float cradle can alleviate a low freeboard situation when attaching a long, or heavy gangway to the end of a PolyDock section. Simply attach the float and float cradle to the gangway to add flotational capacity at the gangway-to-PolyDock connection point to reduce the low freeboard situation.

Float and Cradle Sold Separately – Float P/N 1006824                       -Cradle P/N 1015514


Waterslides from PolyDock Products add a whole new level of fun to your waterfront property. The on dock (dock mount) style waterslide, attaches to your PolyDock floating dock system to create an exciting play area. The slide ladder and frame is constructed of aluminum with a rotationally molded, curvy slide available in yellow or tan.

Requires PolyDock Slide Connector – P/N 1004276

Fish Cleaning Table

True fishing enthusiasts will love the fish cleaning table from PolyDock products. The frame is constructed of high-quality aluminum and features a fold out leg brace for additional strength, and the ability to fold the table down when not in use.

Power Pedestal Mount Brackets

Add the convenience and functionality of power pedestals to your dock system or marina with the Power Pedestal Mount Brackets from PolyDock Products. Connects to the side of PolyDock for a top mount pedestal installation.

Escape Swim Raft

Create your own island of fun with an escape swim raft from PolyDock products. Each raft measures 7.5’ x 9.5’ and features a safe, slip–resistant surface that is easy on bare feet.