2359692_origAt Camp Wakeela, swimming, watersports, sailing, and a multitude of other waterfront activities are just an integral part of the fun and adventure that camp-goers are treated to every camp season.

So when Camp Wakeela’s Directors decided to expand their programming options to help bolster their already enviable waterfront amenities, they tapped into the experience and professionalism of the team at Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) to help them plan, design and program the new waterfront features at the camp.

CRS worked with Camp Wakeela’s Directors to help them take advantage of the beauty and abundance of the natural resources that they already had available, namely, their existing waterfront on Little Bear Pond in Hartford, ME. to create a unique, first-class swim space using PolyDock modular floating docks.  Working together, the team utilized the modularity and flexibility of the PolyDock floating dock system to create two separate swimming “cribs” at the waterfront. One crib was designed and set up as a competition style pool that features eight swim lanes, kick boards and starting blocks – perfect for fun, competitive swimming games and programs. This new swim area provides Camp wakeela and it’s campers with all of the advantages of a natural competition pool without all of the costs associated with installation and traditional pool maintenance. In other words, this is a competition pool where everyone wins.

With the new PolyDock installation designed and implemented by Commercial Creation Specialists, Camp Wakeela has been able to add not only a new competition pool area that can accommodate races and swim lessons for their campers, they’ve also added opportunities for campers to fish, receive out of water instructions for watersports activities, and campers can easily access other areas of the waterfront, like the installed floating watersports features.


Commercial Recreation Specialists has helped hundreds of camps find waterfront solutions using the resources they already have availabe. They’d love the opportunity to do the same for you. Give them a call or contact them today to get started.

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Visit the Camp Wakeela Website at: www.campwakeela.com

Email Contact:
Ephram and Lori Caflun, Owners/Directors
Summer Address:1750 Bear Pond Road
Hartford, ME 04220
Winter Address:979 Allison Court
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

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