PolyDock Products: Durable, Reliable Performance

PolyDock Products offer durable and reliable floating dock performance for cities, states, and municipalities’ water related projects. Whether your project calls for a swimming area at a public beach, an access dock or fishing pier at a public water access, or a work platform for environmentally sensitive locations, PolyDock can ensure that you get your project completed on time, and on budget.

Because PolyDock is modular, it can accommodate the changing needs of your municipal project throughout the duration of ownership while offering a safe, dependable, and durable dock solution that adds value to the locations where it’s used.


Dependable and reliable products and services are the cornerstone of any municipal project. PolyDock floating dock systems and ShorePort PWC lifts are time-tested and have proven to be both dependable and reliable in large projects all over the United States and Canada. PolyDock is incredibly reliable in fresh water, saltwater, and brackish water conditions. Plus, PolyDock requires minimal maintenance so it’s easy to own.


The secret to PolyDock’s success is its modularity. PolyDock can be configured for nearly any municipal application from boat launch docks, to fishing piers, to swim platforms, to trails and walkways for parks and nature preserves. More municipalities are discovering the benefits of PolyDock versatility every day. PolyDock’s modular design makes it easy to plan for and implement your next municipal project.


Public safety is at the top of any requirement list for municipal dock projects. PolyDock is among the most stable floating dock systems on the market, making it incredibly safe for many government or municipal applications. PolyDock features a safe and attractive herringbone brick patterned, slip-resistant surface. PolyDock’s connectors and anchorage options contribute to the overall safety of the dock system.


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