Let the Fishing Rod Holder Do All of the Work While You Relax

Who would have thought that such a simple idea could be so convenient? The fishing rod holder attaches to the side of your PolyDock and holds your fishing rod for you while you enjoy your favorite book, refresh with your favorite beverage, or help the little ones untangle knots of their own fishing lines.


All Aluminum Construction

The Fishing Rod Holder is constructed of high-quality aluminum, and is easily adjustable to any location on the dock so you’ll always be able to quickly set your rod down while relaxing out on the water. Aluminum construction ensures that your Fishing Rod Holder will remain durable season after season.

Fits Most Standard Fishing Rods

The business end of the Fishing Rod Holder is designed to accommodate a wide variety of standard fishing rods. From ultralight combos for panfish to heavier gear, the Fishing Rod Holder can handle it. The Holder is positioned at a 45 degree angle to make it easy to insert and remove your rod.

Easy Installation with PolyDock 6″ Accessory Connector

Quickly add the Fishing Rod Holder to your PolyDock with PolyDock’s 6″ Accessory Connector. Designed to allow you to quickly install accessories like the Fishing Rod Holder, even on existing PolyDock systems.

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*PolyDock Products Fishing Rod Holder quickly attaches to the PolyDock floating dock system with 6" Accessory Connector, sold separately.


Part Number                                                Description

1016581                                                      Fishing Rod Holder (Requires 1 – 6″ Accessory Connector)

PolyDock Fishing Rod Holder requires one 6″ Accessory Bracket to connect to the PolyDock floating dock system:

1006608                                                      6″ Accessory Connector